Ouch! my head hurts

me photo lane_phil rigbyMy head hurts! For that matter, so does, my eyes, ears, neck, right arm and worst of all, pride.
A few weeks ago, while on holiday in Funchal, with my better half Fiona, we decided to jump on one of those double decker tourist buses, that frequent many cities these days.
Naturally, on a hot sunny day, the view from the top open-deck was very appealing, so we trudged our way up the step. I was leading the way, which was a mistake. As my head popped up at deck level, I could see that seats were at a premium. Noisy tourists from all nationalities were already in the process of taking snapshots of the fine harbor and adjacent buildings. I moved up a couple more steps and concentrated at looking at the back of the bus for an available seat. Then it happened!
Believing I was more athletic than I am, I threw myself upward onto the last step and straightened up quickly.
BANG! I hit my hairless head against a canopy that covered the stairway, and the front section of that deck. It was metal and I knew it, because I felt it.
My head stopped, just to allow the rest of my body to concertina into it.
For a second or too, I didn’t know where I was; awakened only by the gasps of the nearby seated tourists, who witnessed the event. If they didn’t see it, they heard it.
It isn’t good form to cry in front of a crowd, so I did what was expected in this situation. I pretended nothing had happened, smiled and headed down the aisle to the back seats. Inside, I was shouting and cursing with the usual expletives, and a few more I had just made up.
It was a nerve jangler. It hurt then, and I am still paying the price now.
I guess I am talking about this with you, because I haven’t been as active on the writing or social media front lately, and as you know, I like to be up-front with whats going on.
You may remember that many years ago, I had spinal damage in a work related incident, that required surgery. The top and bottom of my injury now, is one and the same. It’s all connected to that incident. The symptoms I had anyway have been compounded, and worst of all, its affecting the time I can spend tapping the keys. Because of the trapped nerves, one of the significant drawbacks, is that the fingers on my right hand ‘Claw-up’ after only a short time. It eases off after a while, but it gets tiring eventually.
However, the good news (I think!) is that I have just had two M.R.I scans in quick time and fingers crossed, I expect to have more surgery to ease the pressure on the spinal cord, and therefore allowing me to engage in more activity, including keyboard stuff.
In the meantime, I will keep my head down 😉 plod on, and do what I can, when I can.
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His duty ended one day, forever!


There is a reason why any profits from my first Credible Justice book, will go to charity, including the Police Dependants Trust.

In 2009, Cumbria in the U.K, suffered severe floods. Police Constable Bill Barker, a colleague and friend; prevented people crossing a bridge, which he knew was unstable from the battering torrent which was hours ago, a calm river. His tour of duty ended forever when the bridge collapsed under him. His wife Hazel, family and others are regularly raising funds for charity in his name. In this instance, for the Air Ambulance, which is vital in a large county like Cumbria. I am thrilled to supply copies of my book, personally signed to winners at the event; the BILL BARKER MEMORIAL RIDE. 

air ambulance

Never forgotten Bill.

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