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In my first book “Credible Justice: Fighting Back,” You will see how a team of law enforcement agents; experienced street cops, from the United Kingdom and the United States, join with agents from Homeland Security, and rip up the rule book, to take the fight to the bad guys. Along the way, they struggle with politicians, and their own personal dilemmas, as the struggle heats up. 
In the second book, The Devil May Laugh,” the team continue their quest to enforce justice on those who have escaped from their grasp. They close the net on Napolitano’s major drugs syndicate, which has caused the deaths and heartache for many people caught in its wake. Stone leads his team into the danger zone, while continuing his personal anguish over his capabilities, judgements and morals. Despite continuing political interference and the unexpected involvement in a potential coup in Cuba; the team strive to find a route to achieve their goals of credible justice.

A story of intrigue, thrills, adventure, humour and romance, with one purpose in mind; to seek real and lasting justice for those at the receiving end. People like you and I.

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Ouch! my head hurts

My head hurts! For that matter, so does, my eyes, ears, neck, right arm and worst of all, pride. A few weeks ago, while on holiday in Funchal, with my better half Fiona, we decided to jump on one of those double decker tourist buses, that frequent many cities these days. Naturally, on a hot …


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 I am married to Fiona, who is a serving police officer. I have two daughters Vicki and Kathryn, and four grandchildren Eva, Jacob, Sophia and Oliver.

My career in law enforcement started in the early 1980s when I became a Special Constable in Carlisle, Cumbria. In 1988 I joined the regulars and was posted to Whitehaven, after initial training at Bruche Training Centre in Warrington, Cheshire, U.K. I was awarded the class prize for top recruit.

While posted to the West Cumbria area, I received an Policemanship Award for the detection of numerous crimes, including drug offences, car thefts and burglaries. At one point I covered an area which included Sellafield Nuclear plant, which required regular visits. These visits included liaising with police there over a variety issues. At the time there were ten thousand extra contractors which in itself expanding the local population, and brought a variety of problems re law and order.

In 1993, I returned to Carlisle, where I worked until receiving two injuries on duty which combined to force an early retirement in 2001. Spinal surgery was partially successful, but the regular pain and risk of further serious damage was too great to return to duty. The first incident; was when I was driving a marked police vehicle on a night shift. We were hit by a stolen vehicle, which gave me a concussion and problems with my neck/spine. The impact was such, that my partners head smashed the windscreen. The driver was caught but his passengers ran away. The second incident, was soon after I returned to duty. My colleague and I, were called to a house, for a report of a burglary. It was late at night when we arrived, and dark. At the doorway of the house,  I was punched by a male, who stepped from the shadows. I immediately lost the feeling in my legs, for a few seconds.
After the first incident, I was still in pain, but did not want to let people know, because I wanted to continue in my work. Had I known the severity of my injury, I would have made different decisions.

On retirement, and some time after the surgery I volunteered at the Crown Courts, reassuring and assisting victims in giving evidence. Subsequently I obtained a Diploma H.E. for Counselling. I continued my education with the Open University and studied many topics, including my favourites of American History, the First and Second World Wars and achieved a B.Sc Degree. I am retired,  I have a short story in “Chiari Warriors” an anthology from Paul Anthony Associates, and published by the same, under the name of Stewart Rawes. 

I have dealt with numerous dangerous incidents over the years, including chasing a masked burglar in combat fatigues, who it transpired was carrying what was thought to be a handgun, but luckily it was a B.B. gun which fell into the river and recovered by a dog handler. I have also been slightly marked during a tussle with a man who had a knife. I was always considered tough, but fair by my peers. I did have a resolve to instill justice, because of my loathing of what victims had to go through.I think my book will appeal to adventure, thriller and crime fiction readers in general, and particularly those who like stories that include humour and romance. I intend my book in this series to cater for easy reading and enjoyment.The combination of all my experiences, helped me in my wish to write novels.

Some of the events in this book, are by nature, reflective of actual events, or of circumstances that have enveloped peers and victims. All, of the story is reflective of what justice means to different people. I have given chase and made two arrests off duty near my home, when witnessing burglaries. This is reflected in my books, and why I believe I attended the counselling course. A far cry from my police role, but something I felt was needed to ground myself, after the trauma of the incidents that led to my retirement.

My family have been targeted at home, because of my work. One of these incidents, led to an investigation on me, when I physically confronted and arrested the ring leader of a group who deliberately and calculatingly, appeared at my house with the sole intention of intimidating my family. My action was investigated, quite rightly, after the courts found the ring leader not guilty of a public order offence. There were witnesses, most of whom pretended they didn’t see the events. Even though I had caught people off duty in their properties, and helped them in general; that wasn’t enough for them to face their fear of reprisals. I understood their worries; even though in most cases, it would be unfounded. At that time and in that moment, I realised, people in the justice system, who not experienced victimisation, could not understand the torment, anger and frustration, of a family pulled apart at the hands of thugs. There were issues within our household as a consequence, that lasts until this day. Because it affected more than me, I am not at liberty to tell everything. Justice was far from served, and the protectors could not rely on protection. There had to be other ways?
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