Extract, Credible Justice:Fighting Back

I Hope you enjoy the infullbookcovercredjusticesight into my pilot book. The story surrounds the secret formation of a team of law enforcement agents from the United Kingdom and The United States. With financial, but deniable support from top politicians, they get a team together and begin their job, to create havoc in the Illegal drug supply business. Not required to obey normal rules and regulations, they punch above their weight, and cause significant disruption in the chain. Danger, thrills, humour and romance, all combined to show a story, not of super heroes, but of regular men and women, who wanted to take the fight to the bad guys, before more victims were created on the streets.

“……They will see our faces,” Cross said. “Doesn’t matter, as long as we can do the job out of sight of others, and if we can’t, we back off to fight another day.”
“So if they exit the highway, we follow?”
“Yes, I’ve more faith in your driving ability than you have, Ty.”

“I’ve plenty of faith, don’t worry about that.” “Great, let’s rattle their cages,” Stone said. Cross felt an urge of expectation within him. His senses were more acute now than they had been the entire journey.
“Ty, they’re moving across now.” “I see them,” Cross replied. “Exit 28 coming up soon.” “They are pushing across but not indicating…” “I think they might be…” Stone was cut short. “I’m on them.” Cross clenched the wheel and pushed his head forward. “Maria, keep us on your system. I will update you!”
Stone shouted. “I’m locked into everything now. Judy and Steve are an
hour behind you,” Lozano said. “Shit!” Cross turned the wheel sharp to the right,
narrowly avoiding a car ahead. He pulled further down with his right hand and put his foot to the metal.
“We’re moving off now!” Cross shouted.
“Exit 28 to Ledgewood!” Stone shouted into his comms.
The acceleration and maneuvering by Cross got them to the exit. The target vehicle wobbled and shifted dirt near to the verge.
“He’s not a skilled driver,” Cross said. “No, he’s not. Keep on him,” Stone ordered. “Grainger’s looking behind now.” “They are on to us now, stay the course,” Stone said. Cross was hyper vigilant. His training kicked into pursuit mode. “He’s braking.” “Yeah, rest area coming up on the right; he might be… no, it’s a bluff.” Cross closed the gap. The BM was more responsive to the road than the Ford. Stone’s heart was beating faster, as more and more houses came into view.
“631 Roxbury Maria,” Stone noted. “Yes, Den, still on tracking system,” Lozano said. Cross eased off, aware of houses lined up on the left side. To the right was grassland. “If I was driving that Ford, I would be on the grass at the earliest time,” Cross said. “I think Mason might do that now. No, he hasn’t,” Stone relayed. Cross was relieved. His confidence grew in his ability to out drive and out run Mason. It was all single carriageways now, but they were catching up with other vehicles already ahead of them. Cross controlled his distance, not leaving a suitable gap for an overtaking vehicle to get between him and the target.
There was a high tree line both sides of the carriageway with no available gaps for the target to escape. Cross maintained his concentration, releasing his grip on the wheel to stop cramping. He closed a gap in front as a Harley bike was closing in from behind them. Staring in the rear view mirror and the side view, he could see the biker sweep past him and move on ahead toward the Ford.
Cross closed the gap even more, forcing the Harley rider to speed up; accelerating to pass the target. Cross allowed distance once more.
“Damn! More of a built up area now, Ty,” Stone said.

“It isn’t a problem. I’ve got a handle on it, buddy.” Cross looked to his right across the front of his friend.
“Yeah, I know, mate,” Stone said…..

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Credible Justice

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