Author requires stand in.

If movie stars can have body doubles, to take the risks and not receive too much attention, then surely authors can do the same. However in my case, there needs to be a slight adjustment to the way things are done.

I would like to sell books.The problem is, I am in my fifties. I am without head hair. I need glasses to read. I am overweight and instead of getting the exercise I need, I am sitting at a computer, either tapping the keys for my story, or even worse, making my way around the jungle of social media platforms; which I struggle with, to form some sort of advertisment campaign in order to help sales. I hate self promotion.

What I need to be, is in my twenties, lots of flowing hair, drop dead gorgeous and perhaps about 6′ 2′ or more. Can do full marathons every day, and be willing to have book signings regularly. Finally, maybe have such confidence, that I can dress up to the nines,walk into T.V. studios and pretend I am an expert on everything, to get on the air.

So my challenge is this. Can anybody, who matches the requirement, volunteer to be my stand in? If you can’t, then clearly, you are heartless to leave an older, bald man, to suffer in this way.  Oh by the way! if you are a man that recognises this description. Its possible I may not like you anyway. 😉

Have a good day.

Check me out at Sad mans website



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