Valentines Day and Credible Justice.

It’s a strange title for a blog, I agree. What possible connection could there be, between the day of romance and a series about crime related events?

The strange sense of humour that inhabits my body, wants to say to you, that buying my book will give you something to read, when you are snubbed on the day by your partner. Let’s be honest, we have all made mistakes or errors of judgements, or not quite got it right on the day. It is also possible you have either dumped, or being dumped ahead of the day itself, so as to relieve the need for cards and gifts. In which case having a good book in reserve will help, and you can catch up with someone who has great difficulty with romantic occasions.

For those who have caught up with the characters, I guess some of you will be wondering how Denver Stone could cope on such an occasion. Stone has a mission to complete in life, along with his peers. But what about his private side, his love life, his passionate quest for romance?

When he joined the team, he was surprisingly alone. He knew he was missing out, but didn’t find it easy to share his feelings to someone of the opposite sex. Indeed, he found it difficult to form a relationship full stop! To this end, he simply didn’t go out of his way to push it with anyone, until someone special came along.

He is a character of complexities. His urge to stand up for those less fortunate over-rides anything else, including his personal happiness. He is a tough, but not an uncompromising individual. He continually questions his ability to lead, his morals and his actions. He struggles to absolve himself of any actions he has done, that may be deemed to be less than he would expect of himself.

Over the years, from my perspective as a man, I guess I have built up my heroes in fiction books, and often in real life, to be a person who never doubts him or herself, who throws themselves into the devils lair without a thought of their own safety, to do the right thing and save the day. When I started writing, I think thats the way I was going too, until something become so unreal and so uncomfortable to write anymore.

So here we are, my main character, warts and all, who could never succeed alone, who could never be alone, but finds it hard to accept that anybody could want him too. At this time of year, I think we all would like to believe that someone like Denver Stone exists. He does somewhere, somehow.

If you are looking for a novel, with a super human, all action and a total winner, then Credible Justice, isn’t for you. If you want a novel that features a human face and flaws to match, and everything isn’t perfect, then I sincerely hope you enjoy the story.

Have a great Valentines day!


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