The art of unarmed combat and it’s role in life.

This weekend has been a sporty one for me, my family and friends. All involved somewhere, and somehow!

A few of us were in London, which has happened off and on for half of my life. This was to watch an international rugby union game, England v France. In these high stake games, one thing is always guaranteed; there will be blood, bumps, bruises and sore bodies everywhere. Passions will run high, old rivalries will be settled over a period of eighty minutes. There will be a serious engagement between two countries, where the equivalent of unarmed combat will take place. In between, a ball will be thrown about, in order to give some form of credibility to the sport.

Coincidentally on the Sunday evening when we got back home, another huge game was in store in Houston, Texas. The Super Bowl, between the Patriots and the Falcons. As it happens, this game was historic for many reasons, as well as a heck of a rough, but entertaining game. Congrats are due to the winners, the Patriots and unlucky, to the Falcons. What a game!

I guess I am saying, that there are many similarities between the two very physical forms of sport, where gentlemen can become thugs for a short time. When the game is done, then usually, so is their battling.

Of the pitch, in London, the French and English supporters, huddled together in the bars outside of the stadium and in the stadium. 82,000 men, women and children mixing it up with people they had never met before, and speaking a different language. There is always bravado, and the urge for bragging rights was always in the foreground, but only once in many years, have I noticed any confrontation, and that was between two English fans?

In political terms, if I had to guess where the bulk of supporters would be, I would say they would be the “middle ground” voters. They like a challenge, but in the right context, and on the pitch. They want to shout for their side before a game,and with the hope the result goes their way. What always happens afterward, is that the shaking of hands and a few beers WILL happen.

It is always expected that the behaviour will always be the same, and hopefully it always will be. Decent people will always be decent people, unless someone or something makes life so toxic, to make that change happen.

There is a kind of historical inevitability that the U.K and U.S. would at some point become part of a populist movement, because politicians had forgotten about the people they were supposed to represent. They were so intent in destroying rivals, rather than accepting that their way may have worked? it may have been a good idea? NO! all they could care about, was, me! me! me! That is no longer acceptable.

Instead of leaving rivalries on the field of play, they carried it into the stands and let things become personal to achieve their own aims. They will have to adjust to the new reality and reach back out to the vast majority of people who want the middle ground back. Maybe they should be forced to play rugby or American Football as a qualification.

By the way, you can find some photos of us mixing with the French, at the foot of the page. It was a great atmosphere, and a few beers were had by all. It was extremely funny to see about twenty Napoleons walking around together. There was even an “Asterix the Gaul,” and his comically dressed friends hanging about the bars. One of them was bare chested and believe me, it wasn’t warm. It was just fantastic, but tiring for me these days.
Anyway, about my books. The second one in the “Credible Justice” series is making its way through the system. “The Devil May Laugh,” thrusts the characters into action, in part to tidy up from their first steps into muddy waters, as was in the first book. This first book is about how the team was formed, and the backgrounds, from where the individuals came from. I guess its like a pilot show from a pending series. Gives you the names, the strengths and the flaws of the actors, then “Bang,” hit the floor running.

To find out more about the series and more about me, please feel free to visit my website at gerrystewart.comCNgroup2.jpegIMG_1570.JPGIMG_1575.JPG

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Thank you very much for your help and interest.


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