It is what it is!


It is what it is, and I am who I am.

Although my first book in the Credible Justice series was published before The Christmas holiday period, because of the congestion in the pipeline (Book deliveries etc) I decided not to officially launch the book until this month; January 2017. This was not a decision that was mine alone, it was on advice from local media outlets too, when they began to pick up my story. It was the right thing to do, and so far I am happy about the coverage that my book has had, with more still to come locally before my wings spread further afield. The reality is, that although I am worldly wise in many ways, I am not an expert in presenting myself via a third party to people outside of my comfort zone. My way of being until this point, was to be who I am, because it’s so much easier to feel at ease, if you are honest with yourself, about yourself.

Because of the time lapse, between my slow book release into the market place and my book launch recently, I had time to do some hunting around on the internet in regard to book selling etc. This included checking out social media promotional sites as well as authors websites, in addition to what my publishers had already done.

I was struck by the amount of competition that exists for selling novels that people have worked so hard at completing. The outstanding feature for me, was how it was clear that some people are so caught up in the frenzy, that their personal stories have become exaggerated in order to achieve their aims. I am not naive enough to know that this doesn’t happen in any walk of life, but I am saddened nevertheless, at the disrespect that often follows as a consequence.

By the time it came to my first interviews, with a magazine and a paper, I had decided to be as up front as I could, about me, my life, my worries and my story in general. I have shared things that were new to my family, things that I had chosen not to share with them, because the need wasn’t there. That said, there are things that may compromise me and my family, so I cannot disclose everything, but I am sure that by reading my book, you may be able to fill in those gaps yourself. My main point; is that I won’t disclose everything, but my aim is never to enhance my standing in the world by untruths or exaggeration.
Moving on, I welcome my new friends to my blog, and appreciate that this blog may have you scratching your head, but you can easily catch up by looking at my social media sites as listed below. On that score, I am still running up that hill, trying to work out how everything works and who can see what when I post things. I hope that if you keep following me, that you will see an improvement in my skills. By the way! if you don’t mind sending me a photo of yourself holding my book, then i can collate them and put them on my sites. You can email me if you wish with an attachment.Thank you once again for your friendship and support.

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