Making Justice Credible: (And the author)

Naively I guess, when I decided to take my writing to the publishing stage, I didn’t really consider the implications of having to sell myself as well as the book. We can all build ourselves up, and indeed at times we have to, for career opportunities and such like.
However, “Building myself up,” left me with feelings of anguish and the dilemma of whether to make myself look bigger and better than what I believe I am.
As the opportunity for my first two local interviews drew ever closer,I found it incredibly difficult to judge the best way forward. In the end I decided that I would open up about all of me, warts and all. I was and am, very aware that most people, including relatives, would be very surprised about the personal side that was about to be revealed in the media; things can never be put back in the box.

Having decided to go down the road of open-ness and total honesty, I began to feel strangely at ease about releasing hitherto personal thoughts and fears to the public, and so when it came to the actual Interviews, I was perhaps too relaxed and at times had to force myself to slow down, to give the journalists a chance to clear their heads and take notes. There was, and is a reality, that by inviting “Strangers” into my world, then they can get a feel of why my chosen subject for the Credible Justice series, was so personally important to me.

I now firmly believe, I can move through the system more comfortably, because there isn’t anything more that people can glean from my past life and work within the police service.In other words what you read, what you see, is what you get, even though most people, most ex colleagues could not have known the real me.

Those of you who are kind enough to read my blogs, and there are more and more every week! Can have that insight, by reading one of my newspaper interviews at the bottom of this page. It is what it is, I haven’t exaggerated to make myself look better, I haven’t bulled up the reasons why I hope you will read my book. I have merely been very open, very honest and very grateful that I now feel strong and powerful enough to reveal the real me. The credible me, and in the knowledge I have done myself justice.

Thank you for allowing me to share my writing and my life with you.

Cumberland News

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