There is a quotation out there, somewhere and from someone, that states that “Authors are shy actors.” I have no idea how many authors feel that this statement refers to them, but it certainly refers to me.

I have mentioned previously that I find it difficult to sell myself. On one hand, because of the amount of time it takes to write a book, I want people to read it. On the other hand, to sell my book to potential readers, I have to sell myself too. There is no choice, because in the world of writing, there is a great deal of competition. This demands that an author has to either be in a lucky position of being famous and therefore the books may sell themselves, or as in my case, I need to tell people who I am, and why I think people should give my books a try.

My first book was published in December, but because of the busy period for the press and other such like media outlets, my attempt to put my story out there, was delayed until now, this week, right now! In January when the celebrities have gone back to ground and leaving room for others to attempt to get noticed.

So after two photo shoots, and Interviews, my features now are in the local Carlisle Living Magazine and the lead feature in the Cumberland News ‘Life’ section. Both out in the same week, and probably the start of more of the same coming my way. Neither the photos or the Interviews were something I looked forward to, but as I dragged myself into the process, I was surprised how comfortable I began to feel. Not least, because the photographers and journalists, know how to work their subject.

In the Interviews, I released information that would, and will surprise some relatives and friends. There are some issues that led up to my writing that affected me and my mental health over the years, that made it difficult for me not to write a book. I know the majority of you are not local, and this may be difficult for you to understand without seeing the features. I will endeavour to remedy that in time, when potential sales of the magazine and paper will not be affected. I guess what I am saying, is that cops can become victims too, and their families. This fact is often not recognised by the public as they go about their everyday business. I was in that category a number of times and I did not believe justice was served as well for me, as well as the victims I searched to help. The characters in my book have a grounding in much of my past; warts and all.

The reality of most of our lives, no matter what our life experiences are, is that we will end up with good times, bad times, living and loving, doing things we regret and regretting things we wish we had done. Over time and because of my experiences, I had to write my novel, based on personal experiences and those of others, who perhaps over stepped the mark at times, and created moral and personal dilemnas. All the time, the victim was the main concern and not the aggressor, the bully, the dealer who dished out death to loved one’s. I have experienced victims’ loss and worries, from being an officer, a counsellor and a voluntary worker for Victim Support. The victims were, and are now the uppermost in my mind when writing this series. They are for the Den Stone and his team too.

The fact that I have to step out of my comfort zone, to achieve my aims, is nothing compared to things i have witnessed and dealt with, in our so called civilised society. Besides, I am not scared of failing, but I am scared of not trying. Thanks for your continued support, which I know is building up from all corners.

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