Out with the old, In with the new.

“We have to start somewhere,” and i’ve discovered there is something nice about that saying, that I didnt appreciate before. No matter what age we are when we start a new venture, there is still the excitement, the worries and the nervousness that surrounds any change in the world as we live it.
When writing my first novel, I wondered what was in store for me; would it be okay to publish, will people read it, will it sell??
All these things continually plagued me while I was writing, but not once did I consider, not writing!

As I mentioned in my previous blog, the local media held off any features on me and my book etc until January 2017, because I would get lost in the crowd of Christmas stuff that they needed to concentrate on. Makes a lot of sense!

In reality, it has helped, because I can stroll into the new year knowing that my features would have more chance of getting viewed, or heard, away from the madding crowds.

So back to, “We have to start somewhere.” Wherever we live ln our world, there is normally a media base including local T.V Station, Radio, newspapers and magazines and of course bookshops. We take all these outlets for granted, as we look to catch up on noted local news and events. However, it is only when dealing with them directly have I realised how much work can go into getting a news feature “Out there.” You suddenly see how teamwork is essential in this walk of life as well as others. A novice author, can also see that although the writing of a novel is time consuming, and by it’s nature a lonely job at times, it cannot be done without a support structure.

In my baby steps in the aftermath of publishing, my first contacts with the local media are bearing fruit. Bookends bookshop in Cumbria set me up first with an outlet and from there I have now appeared in the local Carlisle Living Magazine. My first author Interview in print, and no matter how far my writing takes me, there is something special, and scary about seeing yourself in print, where many people know you. I have more Interviews next week and more photos, and still I haven’t found anyone who would step in as my body double.

I guess what I am saying is, that I think selling yourself to a community that know you or know of you and your location is possible more worrying than trying to convince strangers of your worth. Added to that of course, is that writing is a competitive game, and if you can’t sell yourself or your book locally, then its unlikely you will anywhere else either.

This last week, I have been joined on my social media platforms, by people all over our decreasing world. To you, I ask for patience as I post things about my experiences in my little part of the U.K. with the wish that one day I can spread my wings further.

As many of you know, I am a retired cop, so at this time of year I don’t have to think about keeping my wits about me, as those do who will be working through our celebrations. I thank all of the armed forces, emergency and public services for doing their thing in protecting and looking after us, our families and friends.

Thank you all, for help, support and friendship as we head for a new, but challenging new year. All the best to everyone out there



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