The mirror lies!

There is a saying that, “An author is a shy actor.” I understand that sentiment, because many writers want their stories to be on show, but not necessarily themselves. One of the reasons I finally completed a book, was the incentive that charity would benefit, if any profit was forthcoming.
I stress this, because although I am with a publisher, I am still independent, which was essential for me to get this far. I needed to have control of how I write, and how often.
There is a lot of work behind the scenes by the publishing team, but perhaps the timing of the release may have been better. My ignorance of how much trading for book sales at this time of the year is clear. I now know more about the stocking of books for Christmas sales. If you are already a household name, then good luck, because you have jumped the queue.
Reality? I would do the same, If I were in that position.
The positive side of things, as I live and learn, is that I am not in the rush, that maybe some people are. As you may have already picked up from my social media accounts, I will be featuring in the media, or more to the point, my writing will. This gets me back to the point at the beginning of the article, I don’t like selling myself.
I cannot have it both ways, though. I cannot hope to sell books, if i don’t push myself to the fore. There isn’t a way of just throwing my book out there, it has to be part of a package.
My saving grace, for self worth, is that my first book is for charity, and that makes it so much easier to push it. There are millions of books for sale and I have no right to assume mine will sell more than anybody else’s, and I don’t assume anything.
I have previously joked that writing a book, was instead of climbing mountains or running marathons. It is how I want people to see it, but for a fixed price. You can get the book, which will keep you entertained for a while and the charities get their money. Everyone benefits.
Regarding my first book, because of the busy time that it is, some press releases are just getting to the outlets now, so there is a slightly disjointed set of information being released, but it is getting there.
My second book, which completes the story from the first, is about to filter onto the sales line. There is something quite topical within that story. Cuba is heavily featured within, and particularly on the regime and how it operates. Castro’s passing was not a surprise to my heroes, but if the next event happens, then it could be troubling? But you will have to read it to know what I am alluding to.
I am aware of people visiting my social media sites, from all around the globe, which is great. I know you will see a lot of local events, and I ask you to appreciate, that it’s from my current locality that things will initially spring from.
Thanks to all of you for the support and please keep sharing my posts.

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